24 November 2012


I just sent my old roommate a facebook message telling her that i missed her, and I saw that I had a previous message, which is weird, because we had never sent facebook messages to each other before. And basically, it was for before we had moved in. And it just was asking us (Julia and I) to switch apartments to across the way. I literally have never seen that message ever. In my life. Like, I didn't see it before I moved in, or after I moved in or ever. I never got the notification. And after talking with Julia, she said the same thing happened to her. She just never saw the message about them asking us to find another apartment so the other roommate could stay. 
So we moved in completely unaware that they had tried to contact us. 
Honestly. I am so glad we didn't. SO freaking glad. I have met my best friends in that apartment. If I hadn't moved there I wouldn't have moved to brownstone. I wouldn't have met Maraika, which means I wouldn't have had the wonderful opportunity to meet Jake. Honestly I look back and think who would I be without my awesome roommates. They probably don't know it, but they are slowly changing me for the good. 
And don't even get me started on our awesome FHE brothers. Those guys are seriously some of the best guys I know. I love all of them. They are some of the most spiritual, uplifting, fun to be around guys. And all I know is, whoever I marry needs to be like them. My standards are so high now we'll be lucky if I ever get married. 
I am so grateful for the Lord in my life. He knows exactly what I need. Whether it's traveling across the globe (I'm supposed to be here. I just don't know why yet.) or having my facebook act funny and not show me a message, he will provide the way that will be most beneficial for me. Even if I don't know he's doing it. 
So. I'll just take this moment to express my appreciation for my God, my roommates (the old and the new), my FHE brothers (the old and the new....Tyler....), and always, my Family.

20 November 2012

I can't figure out why that post is weird, why it's all highlighted. I really am having quite a good time. Toady After work I'm going to transfer my money into Euros. Then maybe I'll do some shopping.
It'll be fun. I cannot wait for the weekend. 

Belgium Day Two 19/11/12

The Lord is really on my side because I have no idea how I keep ending up where i am supposed to be. But I do. Like today I got off the wrong metro stop, and I had to ask like 5 people where the library was and none of them knew and most didn't speak english. Finally a man knew sorta where it was.
Then when leaving work, I walked too far and got super lost. But I found a metro station, and got on what I thought was the correct metro, but it was wrong, and it took me farther from where I wanted to go, so then I got on the correct one, and got off on my stop, and had to transfer, so I got on that metro, only to find out that that too was the wrong one and it took me to the wrong place. And you can't just cross the tracks, like, you have to go up and around. So I went up but I couldn't find the other side. But I did find some really cool buildings. FINALLY I got on the right one. And I had to walk to where I am staying by myself. But I found it without a problem. 
Pretty much. But it's gorgeous. It's kind of similar to Egypt, but a little bit nicer. I'm sure I'll like it more soon. Right now it's just kind of stressful and scary.
Work is kind of Hell (pardon my language), but it is. I'm in this make shift room made from black curtains and it seriously barely fits a desk and chair. On the desk is this camera stand thing with two super bright hot lights on it. So the room gets sups hot. Plus I have to wear a smock-y thing and black gloves and a mask. Which makes it like 10 times hotter. Plus i can't even sit. So I am literally standing for about 6 hours in this super hot place taking pictures of hundreds of years old scores. Which are from operas and ballets. And they are scores for everything. The volins, violas, cellos, basses, flutes, oboes... everything and there are more than one score for each part. And David (Boss man) wants them to be perfectly centered and the strip that I put next to them to identify them straight and a certain ways away, and the scores have to be centered with the camera too. Which would be fine, but they are cropping everything out besides the music, so it doesn't even matter. So, they have to be perfect. Plus. Three times today he's been like " Are you going your fastest?" or "You're gonna have to go faster if we're going to make any progress at all." or "And I thought I was gonna have trouble keeping up with you. But I can see that won't be a problem."  But I guess I can understand why he's frustrated. Actually I don't think he is. I think that's just how he is. He's a good guy I know. 
So. It's frustrating.  And I always feel nauseous in there.... Anyway. There ARE good things too. Believe it or not. My Host family is amazing. She has 2 kids still at home. Louisa, she's 18 and Tale... I don't know how to spell it it's pronounced Tall-eh. And they're all super fun to hang out with.
The buildings here are so pretty and old. I'm sure soon I'll find things to love.... But right now it's hard. 
But tomorrow can only get better! 
Also. Junk food here is sooooo much better. Like right now I am eating a frozen pizza. But it is legit. Like, normal pizza sauce and cheese with spirts of mozzarella cheese, spinich, and roasted tomatoes. Yeah. That was a frozen pizza. 

19 November 2012

Belgium Day One (18-19/11/12)

It was so foggy when we landed that everyone in the plane were surprised when we landed, I honestly thought we were still in the air. Then the hard part, buying a train ticket, finding which train to get on and figuring out when to get off. Eventually I asked a girl, and we communicated mostly through hand gestures and repeating things a lot.
While I was sitting on the train an older man got on the train and he was legitimately wearing a barrette. It was pretty cool. Eventually I got off and took a taxi to where I was to be working. But, there was a blockade and so he couldn't take me all the way. So I had to walk 2 blocks. Which wasn't bad. Then I worked/slept for a bit. Work will be... interesting. Then I got really sick. Well. Not actually sick. But I felt pretty nauseous. So I called Regina, who I am staying with, and we figured out a way to meet her.
I had to take the metro and then get off and change metro lines. And then get off again.
Guys. He knows what's up. Cause I was totally in the wrong place. But Regina found me!
Now I am showered and fed and feeling great. Except tiredness. But that will pass.
Seriously I think this is the coolest family I have ever met. They moved from Africa 16 years ago. And they all speak English at home. And they don't even have accents, even though the 2 kids at home have lived in France for most of their lives (Africa before then, remember?) Yeah.
This'll be good. 


So, I won't lie to you. I was (am) terrified of going to a foreign country alone, I have cried so many times the past couple of days. I have never felt such crippling fear. It was frustrating, because I didn't want to be crying. It would just happen.
Anyway. All of the flights went swimmingly (flyingly?). On the way to Denver I sat by a nice man who was in Utah for business, he works for John Deere, he was excited to get back home and see his grandkids and wife.
On the way to Philadelphia I sat by a women going home to New York. She was taking some laser type of course thing... Honestly, I have no idea what it was. But she said laser. I was texting Julia and she asked where I was, I said Illinois. Later she corrected me, Philly is in Pennsylvania, not Illinois, which I should have known.
As I was sitting in the Philly airport I just cried and cried. I was so nervous and worried.
I saw this mom with  a young baby. As we were boarding they called for people with young kids to board, and she didn't go up. They called my section to board, but I didn't go. She was just sitting there rocking her crying baby, all of her (her babies) carry ons at her feet. Finally, I did what I should have at the beginning, I asked her if she wanted help carrying all the stuff. She said yes with such desperation and I wondered how people could walk by her without wanted to help. I should have done it sooner.
The plane ride was fine. My family should know that I ate ALL the food they gave me. ALL OF IT. And I used the airplane bathroom not once, but twice. For those of you who don't know, I never eat the food in the airplane and I never go potty either. Boom. Win.
After we landed I stayed on and went back to the young mother's seat and helped her carry her stuff to customs. She asked for my address, which I gave her. Maybe I shouldn't have.... Oh well.
So yeah. That was my flights. 


I'm here! I made it. I'll post an actual post later on. I'm much too tired and have to start work soon.
I love you all. Thank you for praying for me. I could definitely feel them. And they all were answered. 

16 November 2012

What the What?

I found out on Thursday(15, November) that I will be going to Belgium this Sunday (17 November).
I'm pretty shocked too. Honestly, I think I could count the number of people that know I am going on one hand.
It'll be fun for my roommates on the Sundays I'll be gone. People will be like " Where is Josie?" And They'll say "Oh, she's in Belgium.". It will be funny.
I will be gone until 1 December. I know I know. "What about school?" you say? No worries. I just took some tests early. And I am going because I speak Arabic, so, that covers Arabic. The other class is French Choir. Do I even need to explain that one?
So yes. I will post stories, updates and photos here (Hopefully). If I have the time/internet connection/if my computer will work the whole time.
We shall see won't we?

10 October 2012

Amazing Weekend

Friday, I worked until midnight, which was perfect, because right when I got it, Julia and her roommate had just pulled into Provo and they were able to pick me up, so I didn't have to wake up my roommates. 
As we were driving and deciding what to do, Julia's boyfriend suggested that we go to the hot springs. Like, right then. So, he dropped us off at my apartment around 12:30, and we got ready.
 At 1 AM we finally headed on our way. It's about a 45 minute drive. So when we got there it was almost 2. We started the hike, and it was freezing. Finally we got to the hot springs around 3. 

Me, Dionna, and Julia
We stayed in there until 4:30. after several attempts to get out, we finally did. But it was freezing. And we all smelled like sulfur, and it was also really late. 
We went to McDonald's after we got back into the city. We got home at 6:10. After we were all showered and relatively warmer, we went to bed. 
Saturday was General Conference, so at 9:50 we woke up at watched conference. It was quite good. One of my roommates went out and bought tons of candy. Later I went out and did the same. By the end of the day, our table looked like this
Pretty gross eh?
Sunday was uneventful, besides Conference. 
At 7. Maraika, her boyfriend, and her brother came over. The four of us went hiking. It was really fun. Her brother is going to New Zealand on his mission in a week exactly. 
He's pretty cool. I'll probably write him. 

Monday was Canadian thanksgiving. And I had a wonderful dinner... Okay. No. I didn't. This was what it was.

Pizza Lunchables, Lemon Poppy seed muffins, and croissants.
Not Thanksgiving-y at all. But, since I really do have the best roommates in the world, last night (9/10/12 (October, 9)) I hopped into bed at 1 Am. And was surprised with a box in my bed.

Needless to say. Life is really good right now. I am quite happy. 

1 October 2012

I just read an article about a suicide bomber killing people. And it said 14 people were killed, including 3 americans. Big freaking deal. 14 lives were lost. FOURTEEN. Then you just go on to talk about those 3 people and poor America? Were the others less important because they're not American? Out makes me sad that everything is based on nationality, race, sexual preference, gender, and religion.
Have we forgotten that people are people? Everyone is important and amazing and beautiful.

25 August 2012

You know it's been a productive day when you did not blow up a gas station.

24 August 2012

Things I would need to be perfectly happy in a room all alone (...prison?)

Film scores
Pens, pencils, pencil crayons, markers, paint, and crayons
Indian food
Italian food
Seven blankets
Thirteen pillows
A Ukulele
A piano

23 August 2012

Sometimes crazy things happen. And sometimes they all happen on the same day. On, Friday, my roommates and I went to go eat at the Wilk. Before we walked up from the bowling alley, we ran to the bathroom. I didn't have to go, so I planned to just wait in the waiting area. There happened to be a lady there, who I will call, Ethel. I handed some hand sanitizer and say down.
"They didn't have water like that back in my day." Said Ethel.
"Haha, yeah, technology is getting pretty crazy eh?" I replied.
"Back in my day, we had milk that had creme on top and I would scrape the creme off and put fish oil on it and fed it to my children (or kittens, I'm not quite sure what she said there). Do you have fish oil every day young lady?"
"Um... I can't say that I do."
"Well, you should. An apostle told us too. And I think that's why I've lived to be 91."
She then proceeded to tell of the time she ate dinner with one of Abe Lincon's great grand kids or something, and they had a pig with the apple in it's mouth and everything. Then another lady, Harriette, came out and expressed her distaste for the painting that was above us. Mary Magdalene's dress was the wrong era and style.
Ethel and Harriette discussed that for a while. Then, my roommate came out of the bathroom, and I bid my farewells to Ethel and Harriette. They were quite lovely ladies.
We walked up stairs to the cougar eat. As we were strolling along, a boy ran up to me and said "Here. I want you to have this. Bye." And he ran off. I proceed to open the note. Which said... (regard the photo wherever it may be. Uploading this from a phone posts much more of an issue than one sound think).
Congratulations <3 You have been deemed very attractive! Pass this on to th e next opposite-gendered attractive person you see... JUST DO IT. Don't be lame <3 U sexy mama <3 (Or Daddy haha)

I took the challenge. But first we needed to eat. So we ate. As we were getting up, a man stopped one of my roomies and asked where she got the vest she was wearing.
It turns out, he just thought it was something his daughter would like, but still, it was odd.
Then. It was time to find an attractive man. Which, honestly, wasn't that hard. So, I walked up, and said " Here. This is for you. Have a wonderful day." And walked (not ran) away. My roomies waited for his reaction. And they say I probably made his day. Which made me happy. Then, it was up to Jess's house. Where we had crazy amounts of fun.

17 August 2012

The Colour Code

If any of you have not taken the colour code test. I suggest you do. It's very fascinating.  You can read about it here.
I am a White.

Motivated by Peace, Whites will do anything to avoid confrontation. Their only demands from life are the things that make them feel comfortable. That feeling fosters their need to feel good inside.
White Strengths Whites are kind, considerate, patient and accepting. They are virtually devoid of ego. They are good at constructing thoughts that did not exist before, just from careful listening and taking time to think things through.
White Limitations Whites don’t commonly share what they are feeling, understanding or seeing. They won't express conflict. Whites may be unwilling to set goals. They dislike working at someone else’s pace. They can be very self-deprecating
And When I say I am white. I am almost white through and through. There are 45 questions and all but 4 of them where white. 41 out 45 white. The other colour was Yellow. Yellow is motivated by fun. 
The book teaches you a lot about yourself honestly. I thought I was going to be blue while I was reading it. But as soon as took the test and read the white I realized how white I was. 


Work is pretty normal. Most of the time, I only get questions about media stuff, which I can totally answer. And sometimes I get asked to check out video cameras and laptops. And I can totally tell you where to do that. 
And then other times I get asked about medical things, Like wrapping and ankle. Or if they have classes that will help your study skills. Or how to work photoshop. And sometimes. When I go to find out the answer, they hang up. 
I'm sorry you called the MEDIA center, ( And I tell them it's the media center) and me finding out how to answer your question (not about media) takes too long. Goodness.
 Then we have people who don't leave at closing time. Why would you want to be in the library after midnight anyway? Seriously. It's an amazing place. But no. You really don't need to stay here all night. 

Date/ Family night?

Sunday night I decided I would accompany the majority of my roommates, who were going to be going on a date to a reception of their friend (I bought this friend's contract for the apartment I will be moving into).
Since it was a date I needed to find just that. A date. And the wedding was the next day. But, not to fear! Our FHE brothers all know her. And, two of my roommates would be asking two of them. So I decided to ask one of them. Now, I have never asked anyone on a date. Or anything. Plus I didn't have his number. So Sunday night I was scrambling to get his number. I finally got it when there was a knock at the door. We yelled for the person to come in. And there he came, and sat down to join us for a round of Life (the game which most of us were playing. Including Patrick, my brother.)
"Hey I have a question for you." I said.
"Do you, Um..., So as you know there is a wedd... uh. Tomorrow night....? Um..." I stuttered over words trying to ask if he wanted to accompany me to the wedding.
"She's asking if you want to go to a wedding with her" patrick finished.
"Oh! Yeah. I would love to go with you."
I was relieved that somehow that got out, and I didn't care if it was from my mouth or another's. So that was that. Then I learned that we need to leave by 6. And both of us worked until 6.
So Monday night, I'm closing up at work as fast as I can, I speed walking as fast as I can. My roommates called me, asking if I wanted them to leave. We could see each other from where we were though, so I say I'll hurry and I start running to our door. In two minutes I am changed and ready to go. No, really. Two minutes. You can ask my roomies.
Half our group left. Unfortunately the person who needed to leave on time the most was with us. So we waited for my date to get ready.
Finally we were off. And we made it before the other car did. I'm still not sure how.
The reception was at temple square, and it was a beautiful reception. Later, we all just walked around with our dates talking. After some time, we regrouped and took individual pictures. While this was happening, I noticed some girls walking by with walking sticks and a guide dog. Then I continued talking and taking pictures with our group. Later, one of my roommates suggested that we take a group picture, we all agreed that it was a wonderful idea. She then proceeded to walk over to the blind girls... "what are you doing? Oh no, don't ask them, no. Oh dear..." - those were my thoughts as she walked over there. She had indeed asked the blind girls if they could take our picture.
"Um. We're seeing impaired. Can't you see the walking sticks and guide dog?"
She apologized profusely. And I felt really bad for her. But it was so funny, and I laughed for a good while.
Then we headed off to In and Out Burger. They have pretty good fries and shakes. And then we went home.  And that was that.

Here is our group picture. (Not taken by blind people)

14 August 2012

I have decided my face looks kinda weird on film. I don't know what to do with this decision. More make up? Sure. Maybe?

10 August 2012


In the past 72 hours I have slept 2 hours. Two. That's healthy, right?
Yeah, it probably is.

7 August 2012

Sometimes you need to re-live your childhood

And college is a great place to do that. Be it colouring, playing dress up or building blanket forts, your childishness just comes out. Probably because growing up is terrifying.
Now, I am not saying I've done all the of those.... ha, no, I have. But, tonight while trying to sleep with the light on, I tucked a blanket into the bunk above mine. Just where the light was. Then I remembered that I could just cover the whole thing in blankets creating a fort. I was write happy with myself.
Now, I realize that you, dear readers, are probably not that interested in my fort. That is fine. Really, I just needed something to blog about today.
But, I really am quite scared of growing older. I realized today that 1. I will never (most likely/hopefully) have my own room ever again.
2. My future husband is out there, probably going to good ol' BYU.
And 3. I could feasibly have a child in like 5 years. 6 would be better, as would 7. But, say I got married (heaven forbid) next year, our the year after that, a child would probably... anyway.
I don't know. life is crazy. And I love it.

6 August 2012

Another update

Well. High school is done. I've moved out. My roommates are amazing. Seriously, I could not have asked for better roomies.
I'm working at the Media Center at the BYU Library. Basically, I rent out movies and rooms and projectors. It's....exciting?
Um. I'm taking classes in two-ish weeks. I'm moving farther from campus, which means, I need to buy a bike.
Oh oh! I was so good at running. Seriously everyday and mostly every morning. And then, bad things happened and my roommates said that I couldn't run anymore. Gah.
I'm going to the Cardiologist on... the.... 21st? Yes. Hmmmm.
I think that's it. I am totally going to update more. Because I can update my blog directly from my telephone!!! What the crazy? I know.


So, last monday I got really… What’s the word? Sick? For about an hour, breathing hurt. Like so bad. And it was scary. And all of my roommates were all around me, worried, I guess. And I was like “why guys? I’ll be fine. Why are you worried?” And now, my roommate is laying on the ground, her breathing hurts too, not in the same way, but still. And I am super worried. I want to help her, but I can’t. Also, half of her chest/ sternum is concaving. And she says she’s fine. Jeez.

10 February 2012

Whoa Whoa. Again. I have let this slip. I am sorry.
So far.... let's see. Senior Year.
Life is filled with plays. Boys. Friends fading, others becoming more vivid. Life is turmoil. But Sometimes, I like it that way.