6 August 2012

Another update

Well. High school is done. I've moved out. My roommates are amazing. Seriously, I could not have asked for better roomies.
I'm working at the Media Center at the BYU Library. Basically, I rent out movies and rooms and projectors. It's....exciting?
Um. I'm taking classes in two-ish weeks. I'm moving farther from campus, which means, I need to buy a bike.
Oh oh! I was so good at running. Seriously everyday and mostly every morning. And then, bad things happened and my roommates said that I couldn't run anymore. Gah.
I'm going to the Cardiologist on... the.... 21st? Yes. Hmmmm.
I think that's it. I am totally going to update more. Because I can update my blog directly from my telephone!!! What the crazy? I know.

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