1 May 2014

Semester Overview

Well. Winter 2014 has officially been over for six days. Lovely.
This semesterI lived in Queen's Arms. Which is like a 4 minute walk from campus, and managment was fantastic. It was small and old, but man. You didn't need to leave your apartment 20 minutes early to get to class. 
I offically switched from Middle Eastern Studies to Linguistics! Only to then realize that I actually think I want to major in Film probably... But, we shall see what happens. I have a Lingustic (ish) internship in Cardiff, Wales this summer. So maybe I'll fall in love with linguistics there. We shall see. 
Secretly, I'm just hoping to meet more famous people over there.
Dear Martin (He played Jim in the UK Office, Bilbo Baggins in The Hobbit, and John Watson in BBC's Sherlock

Anyways. If you are wondering what activites I did while attending my second year at university, fear not. I can tell you. 
When I was not studying like a good student, I watched so much tv. Grey's Anatomy. Modern Family. And most importantly, Teen Wolf (it's better than it sounds I swear). 
Really. Though. There was a lot of watching tv at like 3 in the morning while 'reading' assignments. 
I also went to my friend, Theresa's, ranch quite often. Which was so much fun. It was nice to get away every few weekends and roll hay, brush horses, and just be far away from civilization. It was the rejuvenating push I needed to keep going (BYU only gives 2 days off in Winter (It is the worst)). 
My group of friends and I all enjoy writing, so when we weren't taking care of the 7 horses, we all sat around writing various stories. Every so often, switching materials with one another to get their input. 
I have learned so much about horses. They had always scared me before, and they did the first few times I was around them, but, now I am fairly comfortable around them, and I can't wait for this month to spend more time with them. 
Monty and I
Anyway. This summer holds many adventures in store, and I am looking forward to sharing them with you!