11 June 2013


So my dear Mum posted about my old art. So I thought I would make one about my new art.

I am a relatively creative person. Okay, okay. I kind of thrive off it. I'm usually in a better mood when I've been on a film set, just written a story, or drew something. I love it all. I will not say that I am necessarily good at these things, but I do enjoy them immensely.  So one Saturday in May, I was crazy bored, so I walked up to BYU and purchased a simple watercolour set. Nothing fancy. It was like 8 dollars, 12 basic colours. And I was like "I'mma paint things.". So I did. But I have't really painted since grade 6. So I was kinda nervous. But, you know what? It didn't turn out horrible. I am actually kinda proud of some. 
Needless to say. I need more art in my life which means I need to practice. So that's what I do every once in awhile. 
It makes me happy. 
Maybe I should write more too. 
So without further ado. My paintings. 
This was my first one. It's more abstract-y



First mess up. It was supposed to be a sunset (Look at it sideways), instead it has quotes from Gandhi in Hindi.
Sixth. This is for my friend Brogan, he posted a picture of a bagel on a chair and it got 53 likes.

I'm not kidding. Fifty four likes. Of a bagel on a chair. 

Eight. I've also discovered I am much better at painting at like 3 AM than in the day time. 

Number nine. I don't know how I feel about it. 

The first 5. I dunno. I just kinda liked the collage.