14 September 2014

It's True

Originally, this semester was going to be a breeze. My only remotely difficult class was going to be a math class. But, my 3 other classes were super easy. And then like 5 days before the semester officially started I had the opportunity to audition for the BYU Young Ambassador Show Band.
(Which is a pivotal part of YA.
And somehow, I made it in. 
I know. Don't ask me how.
I made it in despite the fact that I cannot read music. I also had never heard of the instrument that I will be playing.
It's called a Handsonic. It looks like this. 

This is exactly what my baby looks like. It's an auxiliary percussion device. So you go from needing like 4 tables of instruments to just this. There are over 7,000 sounds programmed in it, and it is up to me to program our show into it.
So, after I got into YA, I quickly dropped my math class, because there was no way that I could learn to play this and get even a B in math.
We have about 2 months to learn our show. Which is nerve-wracking, but things will be okay because if there is one thing I learned from our retreat was that with God all thing are possible. And that all of us are here for a reason. So, I will do my best and do my part.
I never realized what the YA's did. Yes, mainly they perform, but, there is so much more. They have contributed quite a lot to the churches history. Young Ambassadors have paved better business relations between countries, got the ball rolling to rededicate a country, countless people have started talking to the missionaries and converted because of them. People frequently ask "How are you so happy?"
I think our sole purpose to share love. The love we have for each other, the love we have for the people we are performing and raising money for, and to tell them that God loves them.
Because he does.
No one in coincident. You matter. You have a purpose.
Sometimes that is hard to see and to feel, but it is the honest truth.
You can make an impact. It doesn't matter how small an act of kindness may be. It has weight.
I dunno... I'm getting off topic.
They gave us these nifty hardcovers Book(s?) of Mormon(s?) with this year's theme, which is: With All Our Heart.
We will mostly be traveling just in Utah and Idaho for Fall semester. Winter is when the hard, but fun work comes in. We have a 10-day tour in Utah, Nevada, and California, at the end of January. Then in the beginning of June, we'll go to Nauvoo for a while. I forgot how long. I am pretty excited because I have never been there. And I'm pretty dang sure that someone I am related to must have lived there. I will find out.
Here is the proof that I really am a YA. It's hard for me to realize it's real.

Also. Being part of Young Ambassadors really isn't that big of a deal. I am just pretty stoked.