17 August 2012


Work is pretty normal. Most of the time, I only get questions about media stuff, which I can totally answer. And sometimes I get asked to check out video cameras and laptops. And I can totally tell you where to do that. 
And then other times I get asked about medical things, Like wrapping and ankle. Or if they have classes that will help your study skills. Or how to work photoshop. And sometimes. When I go to find out the answer, they hang up. 
I'm sorry you called the MEDIA center, ( And I tell them it's the media center) and me finding out how to answer your question (not about media) takes too long. Goodness.
 Then we have people who don't leave at closing time. Why would you want to be in the library after midnight anyway? Seriously. It's an amazing place. But no. You really don't need to stay here all night. 

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