23 August 2012

Sometimes crazy things happen. And sometimes they all happen on the same day. On, Friday, my roommates and I went to go eat at the Wilk. Before we walked up from the bowling alley, we ran to the bathroom. I didn't have to go, so I planned to just wait in the waiting area. There happened to be a lady there, who I will call, Ethel. I handed some hand sanitizer and say down.
"They didn't have water like that back in my day." Said Ethel.
"Haha, yeah, technology is getting pretty crazy eh?" I replied.
"Back in my day, we had milk that had creme on top and I would scrape the creme off and put fish oil on it and fed it to my children (or kittens, I'm not quite sure what she said there). Do you have fish oil every day young lady?"
"Um... I can't say that I do."
"Well, you should. An apostle told us too. And I think that's why I've lived to be 91."
She then proceeded to tell of the time she ate dinner with one of Abe Lincon's great grand kids or something, and they had a pig with the apple in it's mouth and everything. Then another lady, Harriette, came out and expressed her distaste for the painting that was above us. Mary Magdalene's dress was the wrong era and style.
Ethel and Harriette discussed that for a while. Then, my roommate came out of the bathroom, and I bid my farewells to Ethel and Harriette. They were quite lovely ladies.
We walked up stairs to the cougar eat. As we were strolling along, a boy ran up to me and said "Here. I want you to have this. Bye." And he ran off. I proceed to open the note. Which said... (regard the photo wherever it may be. Uploading this from a phone posts much more of an issue than one sound think).
Congratulations <3 You have been deemed very attractive! Pass this on to th e next opposite-gendered attractive person you see... JUST DO IT. Don't be lame <3 U sexy mama <3 (Or Daddy haha)

I took the challenge. But first we needed to eat. So we ate. As we were getting up, a man stopped one of my roomies and asked where she got the vest she was wearing.
It turns out, he just thought it was something his daughter would like, but still, it was odd.
Then. It was time to find an attractive man. Which, honestly, wasn't that hard. So, I walked up, and said " Here. This is for you. Have a wonderful day." And walked (not ran) away. My roomies waited for his reaction. And they say I probably made his day. Which made me happy. Then, it was up to Jess's house. Where we had crazy amounts of fun.

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  1. Nice post, Josie! Made me feel very old though... But that's ok, I am a crazy old lady!
    Keep posting! :))