17 August 2012

Date/ Family night?

Sunday night I decided I would accompany the majority of my roommates, who were going to be going on a date to a reception of their friend (I bought this friend's contract for the apartment I will be moving into).
Since it was a date I needed to find just that. A date. And the wedding was the next day. But, not to fear! Our FHE brothers all know her. And, two of my roommates would be asking two of them. So I decided to ask one of them. Now, I have never asked anyone on a date. Or anything. Plus I didn't have his number. So Sunday night I was scrambling to get his number. I finally got it when there was a knock at the door. We yelled for the person to come in. And there he came, and sat down to join us for a round of Life (the game which most of us were playing. Including Patrick, my brother.)
"Hey I have a question for you." I said.
"Do you, Um..., So as you know there is a wedd... uh. Tomorrow night....? Um..." I stuttered over words trying to ask if he wanted to accompany me to the wedding.
"She's asking if you want to go to a wedding with her" patrick finished.
"Oh! Yeah. I would love to go with you."
I was relieved that somehow that got out, and I didn't care if it was from my mouth or another's. So that was that. Then I learned that we need to leave by 6. And both of us worked until 6.
So Monday night, I'm closing up at work as fast as I can, I speed walking as fast as I can. My roommates called me, asking if I wanted them to leave. We could see each other from where we were though, so I say I'll hurry and I start running to our door. In two minutes I am changed and ready to go. No, really. Two minutes. You can ask my roomies.
Half our group left. Unfortunately the person who needed to leave on time the most was with us. So we waited for my date to get ready.
Finally we were off. And we made it before the other car did. I'm still not sure how.
The reception was at temple square, and it was a beautiful reception. Later, we all just walked around with our dates talking. After some time, we regrouped and took individual pictures. While this was happening, I noticed some girls walking by with walking sticks and a guide dog. Then I continued talking and taking pictures with our group. Later, one of my roommates suggested that we take a group picture, we all agreed that it was a wonderful idea. She then proceeded to walk over to the blind girls... "what are you doing? Oh no, don't ask them, no. Oh dear..." - those were my thoughts as she walked over there. She had indeed asked the blind girls if they could take our picture.
"Um. We're seeing impaired. Can't you see the walking sticks and guide dog?"
She apologized profusely. And I felt really bad for her. But it was so funny, and I laughed for a good while.
Then we headed off to In and Out Burger. They have pretty good fries and shakes. And then we went home.  And that was that.

Here is our group picture. (Not taken by blind people)


  1. Nice to have a brother to look out for you, and ask dates out for you, too.

  2. I love this story so much!