7 August 2012

Sometimes you need to re-live your childhood

And college is a great place to do that. Be it colouring, playing dress up or building blanket forts, your childishness just comes out. Probably because growing up is terrifying.
Now, I am not saying I've done all the of those.... ha, no, I have. But, tonight while trying to sleep with the light on, I tucked a blanket into the bunk above mine. Just where the light was. Then I remembered that I could just cover the whole thing in blankets creating a fort. I was write happy with myself.
Now, I realize that you, dear readers, are probably not that interested in my fort. That is fine. Really, I just needed something to blog about today.
But, I really am quite scared of growing older. I realized today that 1. I will never (most likely/hopefully) have my own room ever again.
2. My future husband is out there, probably going to good ol' BYU.
And 3. I could feasibly have a child in like 5 years. 6 would be better, as would 7. But, say I got married (heaven forbid) next year, our the year after that, a child would probably... anyway.
I don't know. life is crazy. And I love it.

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