19 November 2012

Belgium Day One (18-19/11/12)

It was so foggy when we landed that everyone in the plane were surprised when we landed, I honestly thought we were still in the air. Then the hard part, buying a train ticket, finding which train to get on and figuring out when to get off. Eventually I asked a girl, and we communicated mostly through hand gestures and repeating things a lot.
While I was sitting on the train an older man got on the train and he was legitimately wearing a barrette. It was pretty cool. Eventually I got off and took a taxi to where I was to be working. But, there was a blockade and so he couldn't take me all the way. So I had to walk 2 blocks. Which wasn't bad. Then I worked/slept for a bit. Work will be... interesting. Then I got really sick. Well. Not actually sick. But I felt pretty nauseous. So I called Regina, who I am staying with, and we figured out a way to meet her.
I had to take the metro and then get off and change metro lines. And then get off again.
Guys. He knows what's up. Cause I was totally in the wrong place. But Regina found me!
Now I am showered and fed and feeling great. Except tiredness. But that will pass.
Seriously I think this is the coolest family I have ever met. They moved from Africa 16 years ago. And they all speak English at home. And they don't even have accents, even though the 2 kids at home have lived in France for most of their lives (Africa before then, remember?) Yeah.
This'll be good. 

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  1. Wow... I wonder why I worried about you being on your own in Brussels... You are doing amazingly great! And you are so pragmatic!
    Love you!