20 November 2012

Belgium Day Two 19/11/12

The Lord is really on my side because I have no idea how I keep ending up where i am supposed to be. But I do. Like today I got off the wrong metro stop, and I had to ask like 5 people where the library was and none of them knew and most didn't speak english. Finally a man knew sorta where it was.
Then when leaving work, I walked too far and got super lost. But I found a metro station, and got on what I thought was the correct metro, but it was wrong, and it took me farther from where I wanted to go, so then I got on the correct one, and got off on my stop, and had to transfer, so I got on that metro, only to find out that that too was the wrong one and it took me to the wrong place. And you can't just cross the tracks, like, you have to go up and around. So I went up but I couldn't find the other side. But I did find some really cool buildings. FINALLY I got on the right one. And I had to walk to where I am staying by myself. But I found it without a problem. 
Pretty much. But it's gorgeous. It's kind of similar to Egypt, but a little bit nicer. I'm sure I'll like it more soon. Right now it's just kind of stressful and scary.
Work is kind of Hell (pardon my language), but it is. I'm in this make shift room made from black curtains and it seriously barely fits a desk and chair. On the desk is this camera stand thing with two super bright hot lights on it. So the room gets sups hot. Plus I have to wear a smock-y thing and black gloves and a mask. Which makes it like 10 times hotter. Plus i can't even sit. So I am literally standing for about 6 hours in this super hot place taking pictures of hundreds of years old scores. Which are from operas and ballets. And they are scores for everything. The volins, violas, cellos, basses, flutes, oboes... everything and there are more than one score for each part. And David (Boss man) wants them to be perfectly centered and the strip that I put next to them to identify them straight and a certain ways away, and the scores have to be centered with the camera too. Which would be fine, but they are cropping everything out besides the music, so it doesn't even matter. So, they have to be perfect. Plus. Three times today he's been like " Are you going your fastest?" or "You're gonna have to go faster if we're going to make any progress at all." or "And I thought I was gonna have trouble keeping up with you. But I can see that won't be a problem."  But I guess I can understand why he's frustrated. Actually I don't think he is. I think that's just how he is. He's a good guy I know. 
So. It's frustrating.  And I always feel nauseous in there.... Anyway. There ARE good things too. Believe it or not. My Host family is amazing. She has 2 kids still at home. Louisa, she's 18 and Tale... I don't know how to spell it it's pronounced Tall-eh. And they're all super fun to hang out with.
The buildings here are so pretty and old. I'm sure soon I'll find things to love.... But right now it's hard. 
But tomorrow can only get better! 
Also. Junk food here is sooooo much better. Like right now I am eating a frozen pizza. But it is legit. Like, normal pizza sauce and cheese with spirts of mozzarella cheese, spinich, and roasted tomatoes. Yeah. That was a frozen pizza. 


  1. Stay upbeat! It will get better, and you can do this!

  2. Oh dear. This really makes me feel bad about not being in Brussels. But I can't. I really can't.

    Like your mom said... it will get better and you can do it!
    You are bright and tough!

  3. Hurry, hurry work a little faster (faster!)... Isn't that from Standing Tall...or something. :)

    Work hard; have fun.