16 November 2012

What the What?

I found out on Thursday(15, November) that I will be going to Belgium this Sunday (17 November).
I'm pretty shocked too. Honestly, I think I could count the number of people that know I am going on one hand.
It'll be fun for my roommates on the Sundays I'll be gone. People will be like " Where is Josie?" And They'll say "Oh, she's in Belgium.". It will be funny.
I will be gone until 1 December. I know I know. "What about school?" you say? No worries. I just took some tests early. And I am going because I speak Arabic, so, that covers Arabic. The other class is French Choir. Do I even need to explain that one?
So yes. I will post stories, updates and photos here (Hopefully). If I have the time/internet connection/if my computer will work the whole time.
We shall see won't we?


  1. I will be crossing my fingers that you don't fail French choir. I'm sure that's a rigorous class. ;P

    Have fun in Belgium! :)