27 September 2010

The New Blog

I decided I wanted to change the layout on my old blog. Because, it was really bright, and I'm done with my pink and orange fiasco. So I tried to change it. But it sadly didn't work. It pretty much died. So I started this blog. Hopefully I'll keep this one up and running, but I can't promise anything.

Grade Elven has started. I'm getting old. I have 4 classes. Drama 3/4, Speech and Debate, Arabic 2, and Seminary.

I thought that this year was going to be super easy because I only have a few classes, I was wrong. In Drama we have one week in December that different plays and performances don't over lap. It's crazy.
In Speech we are writing speeches every week, which is kinda annoying.
And Arabic, is Arabic. It's just hard. I love it though.

I got a job recently. I work at the Haunted Forest in American Fork. It's pretty fun I guess. But It's only for a month.

Also, I finally have an Agent. KightStarTalent, I'm pretty excited to get my profile up on the site. I guess I can start calling myself an actress. But I don't think I will, not yet anyway.

These past 2 weeks I went to 2 homecomings. Both were really fun. I will say more about it when I get pictures.

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