28 September 2010


Today for mutual we had Gordon B Hinckley's daughter speak to us for Young Woman Standards Night. She got up and told us, that she didn't really want to teach us, she wanted us to teach each other.
She got out a twister spinner and had one of our girls spin it. Whoever it pointed to would read a quote. Then she'd spin it again. That person would say what they thought the quote meant. Then she'd spin it a third time, and that girl would need to share a personal experience about the subject.
One of the quotes that stuck out to me was 'If you judge people, you won't have the time to love them.' by Mother Teresa. I think we all could try and follow that quote more. Because I know that I judge people a lot. And most of the time I'm wrong, and I'm sorry I ever thought of them in that way.

On another topic. Maybe soon I will get posts that aren't like 2 paragraphs, maybe I'll write some like Nancy's. But for now... just these will have to do.


  1. One of my university colleagues happened to put this same Mother T. quote on his Facebook profile. He said that in his work, he has to judge (grade papers for example) but he still loves his students. But I don't think Mother T. was thinking about that context: more like just meeting people. Her quote goes along with the Native American Proverb: Don’t judge any man until you have walked two moons in his moccasins.

  2. That's something that I got out of the RS broadcast on Saturday night: I need to be less critical. I think criticizing is really easy to do but situations and people aree typically more complicated than how they seem at first glance.

  3. Unless it is done in a constructive way (yes, it is possible) criticism is not good. It hurts both the person who is criticized and the person who is critical because this is not positive... Remember: seeing the mote in our brother's eye and not the beam in our own eye.

  4. Sorry, I forgot to tell you I love you new blog, my dear Josie.
    Keep writing, please!